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Welcome to our Celtic Radio Store - part of Coat of Arms Online Sales! You can help support all of the Celtic Radio broadcast channels and our website by purchasing one of our quality made customized products. We combine our award winning designer graphics with brand name apparels. Our products make excellent gifts for all occasions and especially for the person that has it all!

We produce shirts for clans, organizations or websites! Expediated manufacturing and shipping is available for an additional charge. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Celtic Cross Necklace
$25.00  $15.95

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Coat of Arms

There are some five thousand persons in Ireland to-day bearing the surname Henry - without O or Mac. The majority of these are Ulstermen formerly called O'Henry, the Irish form being H hInneirghe. the head of this sept was chief of Cullentra in Co. Tyrone whose territory at one time extended to the valley of Glenconkeine in Co. Derry.

Fitzhenry, sometimes abbreviated to Henry, is the na.....

Jewelry: Nordic Viking Ring

Nordic Viking Ring


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Product Description:

Our Nordic Viking Ring is made of stainless steel and is adjustable to many sizes. The Norse Rune letters are raised providing an impressive feature to this ring.

Among the vikings, the ring was a potent symbol of power, fortune and fame. A gift of honor and form of currency, it was also sometimes a royal heirloom. The magic rings of Norse mythology were also symbols of destiny and, in their bleakest form, symbols of doom. One famous example was the cursed ring, Andvarinaut, which blighted many lives. Another ring of doom was Thor's Domhring, formed by a circle of stone statues surrounding a punishment pillar in front of his temple. The Domhring possibly symbolized the inevitability of retribution. Much more joyous and fabulous rings were Odin's astounding Draupnir which literally dripped eight similar gold rings every nine days; or Thor's Oath Ring, a symbol of fair play and good faith. The rings of heroes inevitably brought wealth and power, but not always happiness and sometimes tragedy, if corrupted by greed. Yet the pure rings of Orthnit, Wolfdietrich and Dietrich were symbols of a ring-lord's circle of power and everlasting fame.

The Nordic Fighting Totem provides these protections

  • Thor's Protection
  • Odin's Power
  • Swift Change
  • Protection from Evil
  • Tyrr God of Balance
  • Man Awareness
  • Includes a Norse methodology card with history.


Product Info:


Shipping & Guarantee:

All orders are shipped via the United States postal service. Downloads are sent via Email within 24-48 hours. For business and wholesale orders, please contact us for a discounted price and special shipping instructions. Orders outside of the United States requires additional shipping fees. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for defects in workmanship. Your satisfaction is our priority! Please tell your friends and family about the Celtic Radio Store!

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