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All of our products can be order in bulk for family reunions and get-togethers. Depending on the number of items ordered, we can offer bulk orders at reduced prices for incredible savings from individual items. We also offer embroidered Clan Badge and Coat of arms patches in bulk orders for all of your family and clan festivals.

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Coat of Arms

The derivation of this name from the old English ‘cealdwielle’, meaning ‘cold stream’, makes it impossible to state a definite territorial origin for the name. Certainly, old lands of that name are found in Renfrewshire, and the oldest record of a family bearing this name coming to prominence is in that district. Black records William de Caldwell holding land in 1342. Nisbet states that the Caldwe.....

Jewelry: Nordic Viking Shield

Nordic Viking Shield


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Product Description:

Our Nordic Viking shield is made of metal alloy and comes with a black leather weaved chain. The Viking shield can be worn by men or woman.   

In the Viking age, fighting men and maidens (such as Lagertha) used large, round, wooden shields gripped in the center from behind an iron boss. A shield is one of the most symbolic elements from the Viking Age.

A Viking's primary defensive weapon was the shield. Because it was round, it was called rönd. Shields were about a yard across. Only the buckle and the rim was made of iron. The rest was made of light wood such as pine, spruce, maple or yew. Rawhide covered the surface and the shield had bright colors: yellow and black or red and black. The color could also send a message. Red shields signaled war. A white shield meant peace. It must have been terrifying to see a Viking ship with a row of red shields on each side landing on your coast.

Vikings wielded their shields not only to stop blows, but also to deflect the enemy's sword. That is why shields were so light and rather small. They were adapted to a nimble art of fencing. From Icelandic sagas, we know how Vikings used shields in combat.

The rim of the shield could be used as an edge to strike the enemy in the face. Shields were employed not only on the battlefield but also in single combat. Conflicts could be settled by duels and this was even a legitimate method of resolving legal cases. The saying "Might makes right" was very true in the Viking Age and the shield helped make that a reality.

  • Viking Shield Pendant (Gold or Silver)
  • Made of metal alloy
  • Includes black leather weaved chain.
  • Includes a Norse methodology card with history.


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All orders are shipped via the United States postal service. Downloads are sent via Email within 24-48 hours. For business and wholesale orders, please contact us for a discounted price and special shipping instructions. Orders outside of the United States requires additional shipping fees. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for defects in workmanship. Your satisfaction is our priority! Please tell your friends and family about the Celtic Radio Store!

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