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Our catalog of products also includes three designer logos created specially by the Celtic Radio designers:

'Enjoy Life' Brand - Pigmented fun t-shirts with our 'Enjoy Life' logo. Stickers available too!

'StormCelt' Brand - Rugged wilderness outdoor wear for the true independent Celt.

'StormGale' Brand - Clothing products to keep you warm & dry when storm winds blow.

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Coat of Arms

The Phillips name has a long and extensive history through England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

England - Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great, was a famous bearer of the Philip forename. The popularity of the name Philip throughout Greece and Asia Minor and subsequently in western Europe was probably due to him. The name was eventually borne by five Kings of .....

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Linda Welby

A Thousand Curses Upon Love
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Jennifer Licko Shelton

Bankers and Gangsters
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Black 47

Blodeugerdd: Song of the Fl...
Buy Blodeugerdd: Song of the Flowers - An Anthology of Welsh Music and Song CD!
Anne Marie Summers and Hele...

Buy My Soul
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The Blarney Rebel Band

Celtic Harpestry: A Contemp...
Buy Celtic Harpestry: A Contemporary Celtic Collection CD!
Rudiger Oppermann

Celtic Loop
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Tim Gorman

Celtic Passion: The Songs o...
Buy Celtic Passion: The Songs of Roy Orbison CD!
Songs from Roy Orbison

Celtic Romance
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David Arkenstone

Celtic Solstice
Buy Celtic Solstice CD!
Paul Winter

Celtic Song [Narada World]
Buy Celtic Song [Narada World] CD!
Dhomhnail, Maighread Ni

Celtic Twilight, Vol. 3: Lu...
Buy Celtic Twilight, Vol. 3: Lullabies CD!
Talitha MacKenzie

Celtic Twilight, Vol. 4: Ce...
Buy Celtic Twilight, Vol. 4: Celtic Planet CD!
Sheila Chandra

Celtic Twilight, Vol. 5
Buy Celtic Twilight, Vol. 5 CD!
Joanie Madden

Celtic Voices [Topic]
Buy Celtic Voices [Topic] CD!
Mitchell, Pat

Celtic Woman 4
Buy Celtic Woman 4 CD!
Back to the Moon

Colors of the World: Celtic
Buy Colors of the World: Celtic CD!
Brendan Begley

Compendium: The Best of Pat...
Buy Compendium: The Best of Patrick Street CD!
Patrick Street

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Earth Songs
Buy Earth Songs CD!
Secret Garden

Fairy Heart Magic
Buy Fairy Heart Magic CD!
Gary Stadler & Stephannie

Fire in the Kitchen
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Buy Five CD!

Forgiven, Not Forgotten
Buy Forgiven, Not Forgotten CD!
The Corrs

Gangs of New York
Buy Gangs of New York CD!
Thompson, Linda

Gi'me Elbow Room
Buy Gi'me Elbow Room CD!
Bonnie Rideout

Give Us A Penny And Let Us ...
Buy Give Us A Penny And Let Us Be Gone CD!

Gutter Anthems
Buy Gutter Anthems CD!
Enter the Haggis

In Good Company
Buy In Good Company CD!
Kevin Crawford

Inne Amarach (Yesterday Tom...
Buy Inne Amarach (Yesterday Tomorrow) CD!

Irish Dreams II
Buy Irish Dreams II CD!
Alisa Jones

Irish Pirate Ballads and Ot...
Buy Irish Pirate Ballads and Other Songs of the Sea CD!
Dan Milner

Just When You Thought It Wa...
Buy Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Sit Down CD!
Keltik Elektrik

Buy Legacy CD!
Winnipeg Police Pipe Band

Let Scotland Flourish
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Finlay MacDonald

Live From Dublin
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The Chieftains

Live Vol. 1
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Magic of Celtic Harp [Premi...
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Claire Hamilton

Night Wheel
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Michael Barry and Friends

One Shilling
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Out from Under
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Buy Riverdance CD!
Bill Whalen

Scotland the Brave [Scotdis...
Buy Scotland the Brave [Scotdisc] CD!
Scotland the Brave [Scotdis...

Song Of The Irish Whistle
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Joanie Madden

Songs from a Secret Garden
Buy Songs from a Secret Garden CD!
Secret Garden

Buy téada CD!

The Incident
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The Kinnitty Sessions
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This Land
Buy This Land CD!

Till the sky shall fall
Buy Till the sky shall fall CD!

Buy Trip CD!
Bad Haggis

Buy Tripswitch CD!
John McSherry and Dónal O'C...

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