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All of our products can be order in bulk for family reunions and get-togethers. Depending on the number of items ordered, we can offer bulk orders at reduced prices for incredible savings from individual items. We also offer embroidered Clan Badge and Coat of arms patches in bulk orders for all of your family and clan festivals.

Don't see your Clan Badge or Family Coat of Arms or do you have a special customized order? Please contact us with your special order details and we will be happy to setup a free quote.

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O'Rourke (Connaught)

Coat of Arms

First, it is important to understand that like most Irish names originating from the Gaelic the spelling RORKE is a variant of O'Rourke. Other variant spellings include Rourke, O'Rorke, Roark, and Ruark. O'Rourke is an anglicized form derived from the Gaelic "O Ruairc". Ruarc was a personal name originating with the Old Norse Hrothekr, meaning 'famous king'. The prefix 'O' signifies grandson o.....

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