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This name is clearly personally descriptive but may have been applied to distinguish a father from a son, when both bore the same Christian name. In this instance the name in Scotland would be synonymous with Younger, used to describe the heir to a feudal title. Malmor and Ade, called Young, appear at Dumbarton in 1271. John Young of Dingwall witnessed a charter by the Earl of Ross to Reginald, so.....

Heraldry Database: O��corrigan


Surname:  O��Corrigan
Branch:  O'Corrigan
Origins:  Irish
More Info:  Ireland

Background:  The Corrigan surname is of Irish descent. Translated Corrigan means "Spear". The name is believed to have originated from Coirdhecan of the Cineal Eoghain. It is also believed to be connected to the Maguire clan. The Corrigan surname was popular in the 17th century in County Fermanagh in Ireland. Today, the name is spread out across most counties in Ireland and some of the United States and Canada.

The Irish sept O Corragain who had their stronghold in County Fermanagh, as a branch of the Maguires is in fact, the origin of those named Corrigan, Carrigan, Courigan, Corgan, and Currigan. The early records of the name in the Annals of the Four Masters, indicate that the name was closely associated with clerics and abbots. The name was established in the Middle Ages, going south into Counties Monaghan, Meath, Roscommon and Offaly. From the name Ballycorrigan near Nenagh in County Tipperary, it also appears that the name was prominent in that county.

Motto:  Consilio et Impetu, By counsel and Force.
Arms:  Or, on a chevron, between two trefoils slipped in chief, and in base, a lizard passant vert.
Crest:  Two battle-axes in saltire, in front of a sword proper, point.

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The great Gaelic family of Corrigan emerged and was first recorded in Ulster, where they were seated from very ancient times, long before the Norman Conquest in 1066. The OCorrigans, OCoraidhegain or OCorragin in Gaelic/Irish are descended through the Donnellys and the Maguires, Princes of Fermanagh, who in turn descended from the OHart, from the ancient King Colla da Criock, King of Orgiall, which was ancient Ulster. Colla da Crioch died about the year 357 AD. At about the turn of the 9th century the sept of Corrigan held territories in the counties of Ulster, and the south in Leinster and Connacht. Corrigans the prefix O is seldom used are still in that part of Ulster, but the name to-day is very scattered, being found in most counties, except in Munster. This was already the case in the sixteenth century when it appears in localities as far apart as Offaly, Roscommon, Meath, Westmeath and Monaghan. In the 1659 census Corrigan and OCorrigan are among the more numerous Irish names in Offaly, Longford, and Fermanagh. The name appears frequently in the Annals of the Four Masters, showing many of the family to be ecclesiastics, mostly Abbots. Carrigan was frequently used at this time as a variant. Ballycorrigan is near Nenagh in county Tipperary, giving further evidence of this names penetration into many of the southern counties, and there was still a family seated there until the end of the seventeenth century. But during the seventeenth century and the invasion of Cromwell, many of the Corrigans were forfeited of their lands again. Notable amongst the family at this time was the Corrigans of Ulster.

Name Variations:  O'Corrigan, Carchan, Carekin, Cargan, Cargin, Carigan, Carkin, Caroken, Carroughan, Carragan, Carraghan, Carrason, Carregan, Carrigan, Carrigeen, Carrison, Carroghan, Carroocan, Carrookan, Carrucan, Carson, Carsons, Cherson, Chrisham, Chrisney, Coarigan, Coorakan,Cooregan, Corcam, Corcon, Corgan, Corican, Corigan, Corkan, Corkane, Corken, Corkens, Corken, Corkins, Corkmich, Corocan, Corogan, Corragan, Corriagn, Corrican,CORRIGAN, Corrigin, Corrikan, Corrison, Corrogan, Corskin, Courakin, Crackan, Cracken, Crackin, Craggen, Craghan, Craigan, Craqckin, Crawson, Creagan, Creaghan, Creaghane, Creaghmile, Creagmile, Creegan, Creeshon, Cregan, Creggan, Creghan, Creigan, Creighan, Cresham, Cresken, Criagan, Cricken, Crieghan, Criggan, Criggans, Criggeen, Crighan, Crisham, Crishan, Crishim, Crishnahan, Croakin, Crockan, Crogan, Croghan, Crogin, Croken, Crookshank, Crookshanks, Crosenton, Crosin, Croskan, Crosner, Crossan, Crossane, Crossaun, Crossen, Crossin, Crujm, Crushim, Currigan, Curraghan, Curraken, Currigan, Currisken, Cursan, Curson, O'Coraihegan, O'Corragin.

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