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There are two theories for the origin of the Wallace name, both of which indicate an ancient British origin. First, the name of Waleis was common in England and around 1300 meant simply "Welsh-man". The family was believed to be from Wales and held land in Shropshire and who may have come north with King David I. The second theory is that they were Britons who settled in the ancient kingdom of Str.....

Heraldry Database: Nagle


Surname:  Nagle
Branch:  Nagle
Origins:  Irish
More Info:  Ireland

Background:  Irish (County Cork): variant of Nangle or, according to Woulfe, possibly an Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac an Óglaigh ‘son of the soldier’ (a County Sligo name formerly Anglicized as MacNogly).

Motto:  Non vox sed votum, Not a voice, but a wish.
Arms:  Ermine, on a fesse azure three lozenges or.
Crest:  A nightingale or.

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Nangle, or Neagle, is the form used by the Cork branch of the de Angulos who are called Nangle in North Connacht where, after the invasion at the end of the twelfth century, that famous Norman family became possessed of vast estates. the leading de Angulos adopted the surname MacCostello (q.v.). this does not apply to the Cork branch, which, as noted above, retained an anglicized form of de Angulo, viz. Nagle, and this was written de Nogla in Irish. Sir Richard Nagle (d. 1699), who was Attorney General and Speaker of the Irish Parliament in 1689, is called Nangle by Clarendon - he was a leading man in the temporary Catholic revival under James II. Another Co. Cork Nangle, Admiral Sir Edmund Nagle (1757-1830), captivated King George IV by his "rollicking Irish humour" and ability to tell a good story, and became a great favourite of that monarch. Nano Nagle (1719-17874), who devoted her life to the service of the poor in her native Co. Cork, was foundress of the Presentation Order of nuns. Nagle's Mountains near Ballyhooly, Co. Cork, are named after this family.

Thomas Patrice Nagle, son of Gerrard Nagle of Cambrai, both of the Irish Brigade, having accepted the Revolution, was in 1809 created Baron by Napoleon. General James Nagle (b. 1822) was distinguished for his bravery in the American civil War on the Federal side. The only Nangle prominent in history was Richard Nagle (d. 1541), Provincial of the Austin Friars, whose appointment as Bishop of Clonfert at different times by Henry VIII and the Pope was the occasion of much controversy and of his own abduction by a rival. Edward Nangle (1799-1883), zealous Protestant, was termed "the apostle of Achill".

There is a rare Gaelic surname Mac an Oglaoich which belongs to Co. Sligo and was anglicized MacNogly in sixteenth century records. Woulfe suggests that this may still be extant in the form of Nagle. This is doubtful: the name Nagle is almost entirely confined to Co. Cork, but it is a fact that there are Nangles in north Connacht.

Name Variations:  Nagle, Nangle, Neagle, Naigle, Naegle, Naigel, Nagell, Nagele.

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